Posted by: Rivai | July 22, 2007

KRI Pasopati Memorial Submarine

Last week, I visited Memorial Ship at Surabaya. This is a submarine, whiskey class, USSR product. Powered by diesel engine, located at right of town center. Ship name is KRI (Kapal Republik Indonesia) Pasopati. You can see, it has reg number 410. This ships group then replace with 209 type, made in Germany.
Visiting this ship reminding me about one radio amateur event that QRV from memorial ship. I don’t know what is the rules, but if this 410 meet qualifications, I hope someday one team can join that even.

Ticket is very cheap, only 60 cents USD per person. We will watch movie about this ship story. Movie is in Bahasa language and no text-translation. And then we can enter the 410. Start from front torpedo launcher, go to middle room, and quit at rear launcher. I can’t imagine, live daily with only 40 cm bed wide, and very compact rooms. Sure no windows. Very different description with submarine movies like Crimson Tide. But I think close enough with U-571. Same age sub.

There is one radio event that involving memorial ships. If possible, someday we will active from this memorial ship to participate that even.


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