Posted by: Rivai | November 12, 2009

Free T-Shirt From YE2R

ye2rSafely received, on Nov 10, 2009 Tuesday Pahing, one free t-shirt from YE2R management team. Thank you .. thank you. Especially to pal YB2ECG, my boss YB2DX and others for their generousity gave away one YE2R t-shirt for free to me. I was directly wearing it and my wife took my picture from behind (because the YE2R logo is on back side).

This free t-shirt from YE2R is add one more collections of mine (errrr, actually is free collection) about dxpedition team t-shirt. Before this YE2R t-shirt, I already has collections of YE1o, YE2O, YE1P, YE6P and YE7P. And some jackets, vests and hats.

So what duya think about YE2R on CQWW CW next week? Not interest to once more held the party? no budget for free t-shirt again? But I believe it will be complete if two CQWW certificates SSB and CW for YE2R hang on YB2DX Battle Station pendopo.

Once again, thanks.


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